5 Ups & 1 Down From This Week's NXT (March 21)


In 2017, NXT opportunistically rebounded from the loss of virtually the entire headline crew thanks to the main roster's 2016 roster split. Elevating a host of new stars in time for a nine-man TakeOver main event in November and previously-buried Andrade 'Cien' Almas ending the year as the roster's third brand new Champion. Lingering in the background too, the brand incubated perhaps the best feud in all of wrestling despite the rivalry's heel going down injured immediately after turning on his beloved babyface partner.

Keen to continue on from a fabulously successful TakeOver: WarGames card, the company kicked off 2018 in a brand new surround. Full Sail University earned a much-needed respite as NXT arrived at the legendary Center Stage for a month of action guiding the characters and angles all the way to January 27th's TakeOver: Philadelphia.

A feast of fun with little filler in WCW-esque power hour, the troop looked in rude health. July will mark six years since operations were switched to Florida to completely reimagine WWE's deeply problematic system. Though talents don't always shine when they leave, the joyous glow around them on NXT thankfully hasn't remotely dulled.


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