5 Ups & 4 Downs From WWE NXT UK (Oct 31)

WWE Network double-header shines a light on some, but the doubles division is left in the dark.


Was this week's surprise second hour a case of WWE tacitly acknowledging a logjam?

Just days before the historic Evolution pay-per-view, eagle-eyed fans noticed that the planned pay-per-view battle over the NXT UK Women's Championship was a physical impossibility unless an entire episode was dedicated to clipped highlights of the already-shot tournament or - even worse - WWE simply spoiled the result completely and did away with the footage just to get the match on the show.

A dark match was the eventual compromise. Champion and challenger (who won't be named here in case the tournament and title are given priority in the coming weeks) fought before the cameras rolled in order to allow for the sort-of climactic culmination.

There may be more double-headers if WWE intend on the culmination coming a little quicker. It's perhaps not the worst decision - more was scuppered that just the Evolution match by the delayed airings of so much already-taped footage. And based on this week's efforts, playing catch-up may do far more good for the main players...


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