5 Ups & 6 Downs From WWE Super Show-Down

Triple H closes the show on top, but The Undertaker & Kane open the door for a Shawn Michaels return

Ronda Rousey

Strewth be told, this show was already a bit of a sleeper hit before it even started.

The card, on late-in-the-day reflection ahead of bell-time, hung together well for the glorified house show obviously planned when the event was first announced. In a pre-Network era, this type of occasion would be the preserve of only the most hardcore of pay-per-view purchasers, if it even happened at all. For a country long in love with WWE, Australia has long been under-served by the company in terms of a semi-regular live event loop, but the madness of 2018 saw the organisation go from zero-to-60,000 in a matter of moments.

In this brave and monied new world, it's the sort of thing that may happen with increasingly regularity - global live crowds get the opportunity to experience a WrestleMania-like atmosphere, Saudi Arabian princes get whatever the f*ck they decide to fantasy book that week, whilst WWE Network subscribers get a little more bang for their buck without being patronised by a pre-show masquerading as additional content content.

Indeed, there wasn't even a kickoff panel to endure - this show really did have plenty going for it. Less went over Down Under than could have, but the boundaries were occasionally reached either side of a few golden ducks...


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