5 Ups And 3 Downs From Last Night's WWE UK Show

Pete Dunne and co are back in Norwich, and this time it's personal.


Despite what WWE may say, those of us watching from within the UK are only too aware that Norwich - home to Delia Smith, Alan Partridge, and a middling second tier football team - isn't exactly the most glamorous of locations.

But we've been patiently waiting for a follow on to January's hugely successful WWE UK Championship tournament for what seems like an age, and the usually-drab post-WrestleMania season - where endless rematches and transitional feuds tend to fill pay-per-view cards - is the perfect time for the company to resume its British offshoot.

It's been too long since Pete Dunne's smug face took a good, well-earned kicking, and with so much (namely, his one-for-the-ages feud with squeaky clean Tyler Bate) still unresolved, last night's show was therefore, for a few reasons, a welcome interruption to WWE's normal programming.

Under typical circumstances, this is where we'd put in an obligatory spoiler alert, warning fans that by reading on they run the risk of seeing the show's results before they've had a chance to watch it for themselves - but given that they've been public knowledge for the past week, it's probably not necessary this time.