5 Wrestlers Who Were LEGITIMATELY Fired On The Air

As opposed to all those John Cena firings.


In most ordinary professions, ordinary people get fired for the most ordinary reasons. Perhaps they get caught stealing office property, or maybe they're just a bit useless, and take five days to perform tasks most can accomplish in an afternoon.

Wrestling, of course, is very different.

Extraordinary wrestling reasons include, but are not limited to: receiving your marching orders because your partner is cheating on you, a Twist of Fate that befell Matt Hardy in 2005; failing to calm down your "tired and emotional" colleague who retained his ambassadorial role, in the sort of morbidly hilarious patter that could only happen to Poor Ol' JR; suffering racial abuse, as Alberto Del Rio did in 2014; using the word "prick", when the word "b*tch" is the language de jour of the company's top babyface; performing your televised role in exact accordance with the script, as Muhammad Hassan did in 2005, when WWE could have just repackaged him as the Italian-American he was (or, you know, an act not defined by his ethnicity!); falling pregnant, because how are you going to bump with a fetus inside you, Dawn Marie, come on; popping for steroids when not even a performer (this was Billy Gunn and not, of course, Vince McMahon or Triple H...)

Brilliantly, this sort of thing has also transpired onscreen...


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