5 WWE Moments You Only Saw If You Watched Live

Cut that out.


Ask any wrestling fan to recall their favourite WWE memories, and they're likely to offer up a list of five-star matches and awesome, near-the-knuckle promos.

But, as the company continually remind us every WrestleMania, "moments" can be every bit as important. Stuff like John Cena proposing to Nikki Bella - that's what you really paid your money to see, and you're happy for a few minutes to be shaved off another match in order to accommodate it.

However, not all "moments" fall under the category of things that WWE is going to be replaying for years to come. A handful of the really explicit or embarrassing ones, in fact, have been cut - or at least heavily edited - in subsequent DVD and Network versions of the events.

This practice is probably best understood through the lens of the company's boardroom, who are probably (and quite understandably) fearful that leaving in stuff like this will ultimately put off sponsors from lending their name to what is already an inherently controversial brand.

And then there are also the times when they are simply trying to cover for one of their own putting their foot in it...