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Following on from my first article, a couple of comments from readers got me thinking. Which WWE stars could make it in the realistic wrestling world of TNA?

As I previously mentioned, I am a fan of TNA and my last article was written in the unfortunate scenario of there being no more TNA. I think that TNA are a good company with very talented wrestlers, unique ideas and great characters. Ideally they shouldn’t be wrestling in the shadows of WWE but unfortunately Vince McMahon has such a well known global product that if you are a “wrestling” fan then you just can’t help but watch WWE as well.

So it is easy to make the point for TNA stars to go to the bright lights of WWE but what about the other way round?

Here are my 5 stars from WWE that I think could make it in TNA…


5. Chris Jericho


Y2J has been wrestling in amongst his schedule with Fozzy for a long time now. The lighter work schedule in TNA would make it easier for him to come and go but that is not the reason why I think he could make it. Jericho has shown over the last few years that he still has what it takes to put on great matches and as I’ve alluded to before, TNA has some of the best wrestlers in the world. A Y2J v Samoa Joe or Y2J v Magnus match would be worth watching, he would make any upper midcard talent jump into the main event with credibility or he could be the main event guy we miss!

His impressive heel character when feuding with Shawn Michaels a few years back made for a great champion and TNA have enough talented wrestlers to chase him if he were to become champ.

Chris Jericho, TNA World Heavyweight Champion, has a good ring to it!

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This article was first posted on August 1, 2013