6 Best WWE Pay-Per-View Segments

Who needs matches, anyway?


Take out the two Elimination Chambers and the main attraction at Raw's upcoming February pay-per-view of the same name becomes Ronda Rousey sitting in an office chair that has absolutely no business being in a wrestling ring and signing her WWE contract (or at least pretending to).

Predictably, this news has been greeted with all of the usual objections from wrestling purists (along with people who have an irrational phobia of pens). While filling the opening 20 minutes of Raw or SmackDown with mere talking is seen as a necessary evil, it's much harder to sell fans on the idea that precious pay-per-view time should be dedicated to something other than an official match.

You can see both sides of the argument here. Having secured the signature of one of the biggest MMA stars of all-time, WWE is understandably keen to give her the biggest entrance possible. On the other hand, nobody is spending $9.99 a month to watch a woman capable of knocking an opponent out in 16 seconds practice her handwriting.

There's hope, though. WWE history is littered with pay-per-views which have featured talky preamble segments in addition to matches - and not all of them have completely sucked.