6 Biggest Missed Opportunities From WWE Fastlane 2019

All over the place.


The superstars of Raw and SmackDown made their final stop on the 'Road to WrestleMania' at last night's hectic (and completely unnecessary) event known as Fastlane.

On a night that saw the women's WrestleMania main event finally come together, Kofi Kingston endure yet another trial as he fought for what was rightfully his and the 'Hounds of Justice' reunite for (wait for it) "one last time", it's safe to say that the event delivered its fair share of memorable moments.

In fact, it actually deserves a lot of credit for producing some surprisingly strong contests which certainly helped make it one of the more enjoyable B-show pay-per-views in recent memory.

Having said all that, Fastlane did suffer from a number of frustrating creative decisions, last-minute adjustments and downright bizarre booking (or should that be overbooking?) which ended up taking away from some of the quality content that it produced. Though the action was solid the whole way throughout, it simply couldn't save this event from the creative team's baffling storylining and simply highlighted just how unprepared WWE is for the 'Showcase Of The Immortals'.

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