6 More Times Wrestlers Performed Their Finishers In Movies

We're pretty sure it's in The Rock's contract by this point...

Rock Jumanji

Despite literally all the evidence to the contrary, wrestling and films are natural bedfellows. They’re both performative arts, they’re both absurdly scripted and, yes, both also contain examples of Hulk Hogan making an absolutely massive tit of himself.

But for all the garbled one-liners and ropey s tunt-work, the absolute indisputable accept-no-substitutes best thing about wrestlers being in films is when they hit their finisher. Like, yeah you could cast any bloke with a mean look and a neck like and upturned mixing bowl in these parts, but nobody in the audience is going to pop when they hit a Powerbomb, are they?

Anyway we did this exact article over a year ago now and despite fitting in The Rock, Kurt Angle, John Cena, John Morrison and more, the comments we’re absolutely flooded with people incensed that we’d missed a few. So, well, here you go, guys; a Part Two, an encore, a supple piece of user-generated content delivered with both love and mild resentment, don’t say we never listen.

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