6 Most Insane Things Happening In Wrestling Right Now (Dec 22)

Brrrrrrrrrrrraun's brrrrrreaking kayfabe.


Imagine the scene:

Asuka goes undefeated until September of next year. Carrying and elevating the SmackDown Women's Championship, she defends this now-prestigious prize in much the same way she did the NXT equivalent: in blinding matches at the climax of which her legend is fortified, and her opponents emerge with a fighter's aura. In parallel, fellow blue brand draftee Bayley continues to suffer what was once described as a crisis of confidence - but is now, simply, her fate. Sparks of a personality shift manifest within her over the summer. Every loss, of which there are several, sees Bayley grow frustrated and, eventually, furious - leading to a shocking, brutal angle in which she costs Asuka - the woman who ended Bayley's own streak of form forever - both her title and her three-year undefeated streak via interference at Extreme Rules.

This is a proper blood feud, and thus Bayley adds injury to the gravest insult by battering Asuka's face in. Asuka, more shockingly still, blades to put this over as something truly monumental. Bayley is stopped in her tracks by...

...Stephanie McMahon, who shrieks at Bayley to end the assault. "Bayley and Asuka, you will settle this dispute in the first ever Women's TLC Match! Congrats!" Cut to Bayley failing to suppress a smile, before blubbering and welcoming Asuka into her arms.

"Congratulations also on becoming the first women to bleed in the PG Era, Asuka!" Stephanie also says, before forming a tearful group hug.

It's not even satire, that, on this week's evidence...


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