6 Most Insane Things Happening In Wrestling Right Now (Dec 22)

6. Crocodile Tears


On this week's RAW, a mass brawl erupted between virtually every woman on the roster at the close of a six-woman tag main event, which WWE surprisingly didn't trumpet as the Xth such women's headliner in the show's history.

Stephanie McMahon emerged to put an end to the fracas. Instantly, the women put their handbags away and stood, obediently, as Steph sauntered to the ring, dwarfing all bar Nia Jax. She wittered on about the 2015 Women's Revolution, which was terrible, and the legacy of the Fabulous Moolah, who was terrible, before McMahon - who was a heel the last time she turned up on telly - cut a babyface promo announcing the first-ever Women's Royal Rumble Match. It couldn't just be organic. Stephanie had to be at the forefront of it, yet again acting as an agent of change - even though that change only happened because she was shamed into it following her ridiculous hypocrisy.

The words "first-ever" have lost all meaning, and the women lost their heat, and continuity, through this patronising PR exercise. These women, eh - they're so hormonal, they don't know whether to fight or kiss! Yes, WWE did keep this as a surprise - but how were they going to react, politically? With a roll of the eyes? Well, Nia Jax did, but her head's gone.

The whole thing is pitched as something progressive - but really, the women were framed as hysterical and grateful for participating in matches that their male counterparts treat with the normality of a singles match in 2017.


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