6 NXT Tag Teams That Everybody Forgot About

These teams make The Ascension look successful by comparison.


After five years of existence, NXT has developed into something of an anomaly in the wrestling world. Whilst it is home to an ever-growing roster that includes some of the greatest performers on the planet, and regularly showcases phenomenal matches and terrifically-written storylines that far surpass those seen on Raw and SmackDown, it is still officially a developmental promotion designed to hone the skills of its talents.

Throughout its lifespan, there have been plenty of wrestlers and storylines that have made it to television - only to be removed upon the realisation that they weren't up to scratch. Though the majority of performers that have come through the system have been 'promoted' to the main roster, there are many that have fallen by the wayside. This includes a number of tag teams.

Though the likes of The Wyatt Family, The Ascension, Enzo & Cass and The Revival have all made the step up with varying levels of success, there are plenty of others that never got past the first hurdle of succeeding within NXT - whose members have ultimately succeeded or faltered as individuals elsewhere...


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