WWE NXT was originally launched as a ‘competition’ style show in 2010, pitting eight rookie wrestlers against each other in a series of matches and challenges for a number of weeks until a winner was chosen and rewarded with a spot on the company’s main roster (though it didn’t really work that way, as victor Wade Barrett was soon joined by the rest of the show’s rookies in a stable [The Nexus] shortly after debuting).

Three more series with the same format followed, before a fifth series eventually became ‘NXT Redemption’, a C-show of sorts where wrestlers who rarely appeared on Raw or Smackdown were given the opportunity to take part in matches and storylines.

This continued for several months until the decision was made to change NXT again last year. This time, the show was changed into a programme designed to allow up and coming wrestlers from the company’s developmental system in order to hone their skills, develop their characters, adapt to the company’s protocols and become used to performing on camera.

NXT now has its own diverse roster and trio of titles, and has arguably become the best weekly offering that the WWE provides, for six reasons (the six C’s) that shall be subsequently outlined in this piece.

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This article was first posted on July 22, 2013