6 Reasons Why WWE Must End This Brock Lesnar Insanity

The Worst Big Thing


It stands to reason that Brock Lesnar would be the name on everybody's lips yet again despite not appearing on WWE television since April's Greatest Royal Rumble and (still) not confirming his future involvement in other events despite clinging on to the long-dormant Universal Championship.

It's all part of the weird relationship the company have cultivated with the 'Beast', in which he rampantly abuses his privilege at the expense not just of Vince McMahon's mammoth cheque book but also the men and women that continue to carry the show in his absence.

Yes, the objective of something as dangerous and stupid as pro wrestling is to make money, get in, and get out, but Lesnar's aggressive lack of interest in his responsibilities as a performer remain completely insulting to his long-suffering colleagues - the ones that grind themselves to dust in the ring and rob themselves of credibility reciting scripts backstage - that have to do things he'll never remotely have to worry about.

The company can't even frame angles around his absence. Kurt Angle attempted some in-character tweeting about him in order to promote why WWE's real booking had abandoned a multi-man plan at Extreme Rules, but the world no longer allows for such kayfabe when Brock himself is smashing it to pieces anyway. And yet, they'll undoubtedly attempt again next month and expect a different result...

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