6 Things You Need To Know About Big Cass' WWE Release

WWE's language speaks volumes about what happened...

Big Cass

Less than 48 hours after losing a second straight pay-per-view match to Daniel Bryan at Money In The Bank, Big Cass was released from his contract by WWE.

The sudden news of his exit shocked social media, and even credible sources like The Wrestling Observer seemed at a loss to describe exactly why the big man had been canned. Dig a little deeper this afternoon though and things become much clearer.

Cass, who was once one of the most popular acts on the WWE roster alongside former partner Enzo Amore, has been plagued by backstage heat for quite some time now. His apparent unwillingness to listen to advice from management, antics on the road during international tours, and general attitude problems had become troublesome.

On top of all that, he wasn't exactly nailing his current heel character on SmackDown. WWE's creative team must have been thinking the same; why else would they book him to lose two straight on pay-per-view?

Armed with natural size and given another chance after his prior heel run flopped pre-injury, Cass didn't do enough to force his way into WWE's plans for a main event push. Now, the only push he's getting is one out the nearest door...

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