6 Ups & 0 Downs From Last Night's WWE NXT (Mar 14)


6. Ticking The Boxes

Sanity Tino Sabbatelli

Nothing summarises this Down-less show better than Sanity vs. Riddick Moss and Tino Sabbatelli. It wasn't a particularly great match (it barely scraped "good," in fact), and it's nothing you'll remember a day or two from now, but it accomplished both key goals:-

1. Advancing the Dusty Rhodes Classic.

2. Furthering the tension between Moss and Sabbatelli.

To the latter, the musclebound duo weren't as confrontational as when we last saw them, but they still showed miscommunication. It materialised when Riddick accidentally knocked his partner to the floor mid-match. This didn't factor into the finish, but after the show, Moss and Sabbatelli cut a quick interviewing stating their determination to get back on the same page: a surefire sign that further problems are coming

Sanity advanced. They're too big a team to burn in the first round, and they went over their opponents in just under four minutes. The Eric Young/Alexander Wolfe combo isn't as compelling as any involving Killian Dain, but they were in solid form, and did everything they could with the limited runtime.

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