6 Ups & 1 Down From WWE NXT UK (Nov 21)

The best of the brand so far, back-to-back in Birmingham...

Rhea Ripley

The brand's Birmingham-based tapings kicked off last week, with several takeaways centring around the dimly lit atmosphere doing more to put the figurative and literal spotlight on the wrestlers compared to Cambridge's stunning Corn Exchange.

Though it'd be a bit of an easy out to blame the beautiful venue for stealing focus on occasion, it has been substantially easier to engage with some of the newbies over the last four episodes, particularly considering how much of the show has, up until recently, appeared so directionless.

Two episodes a week still feels like an over-serving, but this may be a necessary evil until the entire brand catches up with WWE's taping schedule. This week's double-header thankfully contained a good deal of joined up thinking as well as several matches and angles that made the episodes the most enjoyable yet.

That's not to say the only way is up...


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