6 Ups & 6 Downs From Kane's WWE Career

Hell and back again.

Kane Change

If Extreme Rules 2018 was the last we ever see of Kane as an active performer, then it's been one hell of a run.

The 51-year-old suffered tendinitis in his left heel prior to the event, and has since been elected Mayor of Knox Country, Tennessee. His time in the ring may have finally come to an end more than 23 years after his first WWE appearance, and while the company will likely grant him some form of farewell, Team Hell No 2.0 was almost certainly his final programme.

Best known for his versatility inside the ring and out, cockroach-like survivability, and his game-changing impact as an Attitude Era monster, Kane's Hall of Fame spot is guaranteed. Jerry Lawler's evil dentist, burned monstrosity, Corporate stooge, the straight man in an odd couple tag team: he has been all these things and more, though his peaks and troughs are legion.

Kane's failures are as big a part of his legacy as his successes. He's a former World Champion, and was a transcendent monster in the early days, but no other wrestler has ever endured such wildly inconsistent creative direction. Still, he stands here today a bastion of longevity in a notoriously volatile industry...

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