6 Wrestlers That Held WWE World Title In 3 Different Decades

These men have defied Father Time inside WWE rings.

Every now and again, some history is made in WWE that will go unnoticed, flying well under the radar. Oftentimes, there are fascinating bits of trivia that happen right before the viewer's eyes, and aren't picked up on. At the 2016 Royal Rumble, with Triple H carrying out the oft-predicted screwjob ending that entailed his gain of the WWE Championship, a curious bit of history had indeed been made. Not only does Paul Levesque hold the distinction of longest gap between Royal Rumble victories (fourteen years, surpassing the nine-year gap between Batista's two wins), but he became the sixth man in WWE history to hold either the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship in three different decades. This used to be an uncommon feat, and still kind of is. Once upon a time, it was fairly unlikely that anyone, including proven headliners, would stand atop the WWE mountain in time frames that cover so much ground. With WWE standing alone as virtually the lone mainstream game in town, it becomes more probable that top-bill acts hang around for one more run at the top, or sometimes even more than one. Depends who it is, you know? Here now, a look at who those six men are that bent time and space to enjoy encompassing time atop Titan's apex.

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