6 WWE Money In The Bank 2017 Results Predictions

Cash-out on these probable cash-ins.


Money in the Bank is a bit of a strange prospect this year. Since its inception as a stand alone pay-per-view in 2010, the annual scramble for the golden briefcase (actually an attache case, but let's not quibble) has occupied a hallowed position as one of WWE's 'Big Five Shows', displacing the unloved and often dismal King of the Ring from the top tier. But with last summer's brand split 'necessitating' show-specific events every two weeks, MITB has been downgraded as a SmackDown exclusive. Yet tonight's event seems more intriguing than any in recent memory. Why?

For one, there's no prospect of Sheamus walking out with the contract, such was the sorry sight in 2015. More importantly, the concept has been given fresh impetus thanks to the introduction of the first ever women's version of the gimmick match. With SmackDown's female competitors set to (literally) scale new heights, plus a male equivalent featuring some of the finest grapplers on the planet, the 2017 edition is extremely enticing.

Sure, there's some duffers there. I don't think anyone is yearning for a Hype Bros. match, and Lana being in a championship match is rather jarring, but these oddities only add to the show's intrigue.

Who's going to be reaching for the stars this Sunday, and who'll come tumbling down? Let's play a game of stakes and ladders...

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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