6 WWE TLC Statistics You Need To Know

Who has the most wins/losses? How many other Hall-of-Famers have competed? Longest match?


Rarely has a WWE PPV’s hype turned on a dime like Tables, Ladders and Chairs has this week.

TLC was careening down a path to being known as an uninspired one-trick pony, with the reunion of The Shield as the only major selling point (with Asuka’s main roster debut as a secondary draw). Beyond that, it wasn’t looking like anything memorable.

But a rash of meningitis through the locker room threw the card into disarray, leading to the return of Kurt Angle and a first-ever one-on-one match between Finn Balor and AJ Styles. That has turned TLC into a can’t-miss PPV on Sunday night.

While this is the ninth installment of this PPV, those with a decent sense of history know that TLC matches go back several years further than the PPV does. The first several tables, ladders & chairs matches defined several wrestlers’ careers and raised the bar in terms of performance, risk-taking and overall workmanship.

The TLC match itself has become one of WWE’s signature gimmick matches, right up there with Royal Rumble, Survivor Series, Hell in a Cell, Elimination Chamber and Money in the Bank. However, unlike many of these other specialty matches, TLC matches are not limited to PPV, even with a specific event named after and dedicated to the gimmick.

So as TLC 2017 rapidly approaches, let’s look back at the previous events and earlier TLC matches and break them down. Some of the stats might surprise even longtime WWE fans.

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