7 Big Questions About Impact Becoming GFW

6. Will Vince Russo Return To The Fold?


Whatever you might think of Russo, there's no doubt that, between WCW and TNA, he and Jeff Jarrett have a long history together. Will Russo and Jarrett team up a third time?

Both Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter were staunch Vince Russo loyalists, and it's strongly believed that Russo's email debacle with Mike Johnson of PW Insider was part of Spike TV's decision to cut ties with the company. Would Pop TV have similar reservations about Russo on the creative team?

Global Force Wrestling has numerous partnerships announced with other companies. But Russo's reputation with Asian wrestlers left a sour taste in the mouths of several Japanese companies. Will Jarrett risk alienating potential allies by bringing Russo onboard?

There's also the fact that Jim Cornette is still listed on the GFW roster. Russo and Cornette have barely coexisted during the best of times, and with the recent order of protection taken out by Russo, Jarrett would likely have to choose one or the other.

Will either play a role in GFW going forward?


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