7 Biggest Missed Opportunities From WWE Elimination Chamber 2019

Confusion reigns supreme at Elimination Chamber.


The superstars of WWE made their first official stop on the 'Road to WrestleMania' in the barbaric environment known as Elimination Chamber.

On a night that saw the first ever Women's Tag Team Champions crowned, Finn Bálor finally put an end to his championship drought and Kofi Kingston deliver a career-defining performance, it's safe to say that the event got people talking. However, that didn't stop the WWE creative team from dropping the ball in a huge way between Chamber matches, paving the way for an unbelievably long lull in the middle of the show - which is really saying something considering that the event was much shorter than their typical PPVs.

Despite that, Elimination Chamber wasn't that bad. It certainly wasn't good by any means, but given that it was bookended by two great Chamber matches (one solid, one amazing) and managed to have at least some semi-rational outcomes, it did alright for B-show PPV. Having said that, it was still hampered by a number of really bizarre booking decisions - none more so than the unexplained absences of multiple top stars.


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