7 Biggest Missed Opportunities From WWE Survivor Series 2018

Raw wins LOL.


This month, WWE took a break from the majority of its regular storylines as the focus once again shifted towards Survivor Series and, more importantly, brand supremacy. As a result, the creative team were busy setting up multiple contests between all of Raw and SmackDown's respective champions, and more traditional tag team elimination matches than you could ever dream of. This all came to fruition last night and it was certainly a memorable show.

On a night that we saw dream matches take place, two unlikely opponents somehow managed to produce a surprising classic. However, the show's biggest victor was undoubtedly Raw as the red brand managed to make history, obliterating SmackDown at every opportunity.

Unfortunately, it wasn't all edge-of-seat action as recycled endings, missing superstars, bland and repetitive booking and last minute adjustments prevented Survivor Series from fufilling its true potential. As a result, the event was less about reigning supreme and more of a "what could have been".

Despite being one of WWE's big-four pay-per-views, Survivor Series rarely lives up to expectations and, unfortunately, this year's outing wasn't able to muster up enough offence to swing things in its favour.


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