7 Classic WWE Moments That Haven't Aged Well

"It was a different time" doesn't cut it...

Stephanie McMahon Triple H

Appeasing corporate sponsors and the growing political correctness of the world today is just one challenge WWE face. It's important they take performer health, young children and the diversity of their audience into consideration when creating characters, booking angles or using violent gimmicks like weapons as part of the product.

It wasn't always that way. There was a time when WWE showcased the outrageous, repulsive and downright shocking as much as they possibly could.

In some cases, the phrase, "it was a different time" can be used to excuse insensitive gimmicks or offensive storylines. Sure, WWE's blend of pro wrestling and soap opera wasn't the only form of entertainment that pushed the boundaries of good taste "back then", but virtually everything the company has touched is still available in unedited form within a few clicks on the Network.

Some moments, especially those that happened during the wild Attitude Era, haven't aged well at all. Maybe they're distasteful for sexual or racial reasons, or perhaps they glamorise extreme violence without taking real-life issues into account.

Whatever the case, looking back on them through the sensitive lens of 2018 is difficult...


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