7 Giant Lies Told By Wrestling That Will Definitely Kill You

Because being crushed by tons of dirt after a sledgehammer blow is totally fine.

Stone Cold Arrested

Wrestling is a lie and if you tried to get up to the kind of capers the stars on TV do you'd end up dead.

There, it's been said, and just writing it feels like a giant weight has been lifted off everyone's chests. Reality in wrestling is one issue the collective fan consciousness has been torn on for years, but it's not as though the lies WWE tell are something to be ashamed of. They're not, they're amazing.

This isn't just a light-hearted look at some of wrestling's most unbelievable spots, it's also a piece designed to celebrate the absolutely brilliant nonsense pro wrestling gets up to a near-weekly basis. Inside the fantasy lands created by WWE (and beyond), it's possible to shake off killer blows, survive fatal falls without so much as a scratch, beat up those in positions of power without consequence and more. Much, much more.

Yes, wrestling is akin to a video game come to life, and it's partly why the medium is so damn fun. So, the next time somebody tells you that WWE aren't taking storylines seriously enough or promoting realistic in-ring action, dip into history and realise that they never have. This is an industry reliant on suspending disbelief long enough to enjoy the show, and it's bloody fantastic.

Just, don't try it at home if you value your life...

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