7 Great Wrestling Heel Runs That Ended Prematurely

Batista should never have hugged the fat girl before she sang. 


Sometimes all it takes is one turn to reinvigorate a wrestler. It is at that moment when they are granted a new lease of life, with Chris Jericho perhaps being a prime example.

Prior to his heel turn at the onset of 2016, the 46-year-old came across as a shell of his former self, but everything he did with The New Day and AJ Styles at that time was merely meant to plant the seeds for a future heel turn. Once he inevitably flipped the switch, he became one of the best bad guys in the entire company, to the point WWE recently had no choice but to turn him back babyface because he (and his list) was so incredibly popular.

Many of WWE's greatest heels in the past 15 years have all come and gone within the blink of an eye. For as big of an impact as they left on the ever-changing landscape of the company, (to the point where they are still being talked about today), their revered runs as villains were sadly cut short for a variety of reasons...

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