7 Huge WWE SummerSlam Missed Opportunities

These moves turned the biggest party of the Summer into an awkward family dinner.


As it is one of the Big 4 WWE PPVs, SummerSlam is (rightfully) expected to have big, important moments. This year, going in with a little over a week away, the card is full of matches that could deliver on that expectation. Will we finally see a partial reunion of The Shield with Ambrose and Rollins winning the tag titles? WIll the Hardyz be broken? Will Sasha Banks avenge her friend Bayley and become the Women’s champion? Will Shinsuke Nakamura reach the mountaintop and become WWE champion? And will Baron Corbin subsequently cash in? Or will someone finally topple the beast Brock Lesnar, win the Universal title, and exile Brock from WWE?

Well hopefully one of those things will happen at least, otherwise we might be in for a dull show. Of course, given the examples on this list, for every Bret Hart/British Bulldog title change or Savage/Elizabeth wedding, there have been plenty of times WWE have had the chance to deliver a big, important SummerSlam moment, but instead they chickened out and resorted to the status quo, damaging a few careers in the process.

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