7 Last-Minute WWE PPV Replacements That Rocked 

Angle and Styles are far from the first to substitute for another wrestler at a PPV.


In a matter of minutes, WWE’s TLC PPV went from a one-match event that was sold on a reunion of a popular trio to a two-match event featuring the first in-ring appearance of a Hall-of-Famer in 11 years and a much-anticipated first-ever encounter in the promotion.

TLC went from a potential trainwreck to a can’t-miss affair.

And we all have meningitis to thank for that.

WWE announced Friday that Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt would miss the PPV due to contracting meningitis and requiring treatment. That instantly threw two of the seven matches on the card, particularly the main event, which featured the first teaming up of The Shield in more than three years.

So what did WWE do? They sauntered over to the red, white & blue emergency box and broke the glass. Then they called in a SmackDown megastar to add a little luster to Sunday’s Raw brand PPV.

But this isn’t the first time that WWE has been forced to make a last-minute change to its PPV matches, adding someone to take the place of an injured or absent superstar – sometimes in storyline, sometimes in real life. Some of these replacements made a huge impact on WWE.

This article will take a look at several times that a last-minute replacement hit the ring at a PPV and made a pretty big splash. Let’s get to it…


Scott is a former journalist and longtime wrestling fan who was smart enough to abandon WCW during the Monday Night Wars the same time as the Radicalz. He fortunately became a fan in time for WrestleMania III and came back as a fan after a long high school hiatus before WM XIV. Monday nights in the Carlson household are reserved for viewing Raw -- for better or worse.