7 Mae Young Classic 2018 Wrestlers WWE MUST Sign

7. Zeuxis


Born in Puerto Rico but representing Mexico in the tournament, Zeuxis didn't have a deep run, quickly falling to eventual finalist Io Shirai after overcoming Ariel Monroe in the first round. Her 11 minutes of total ring time prevented her from showcasing the full breadth of her skillset, too, but she provided more than enough evidence to suggest she'd make a worthwhile Performance Center recruit, and she already has a strong reputation after he lengthy run as a villainess in CMLL.

There isn't a single masked luchadora anywhere on WWE's roster. This is surprising, given the number of talented female wrestlers currently contracted to the promotion, and it's something they'll likely want to address if they're to continue presenting this movement as representative of the global scene as a whole.

Zeuxis left CMLL earlier this year, and while she has since worked for AAA and a host of Mexican indies, she isn't under contract anywhere. This means there's nothing stopping WWE from approaching the talented 29-year-old, whose diverse ranges of styles would make her a welcome addition to the exciting NXT women's division.


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