7 Main Eventers Who Flourished In The Midcard

Not every wrestler needs to be the headline act - some do just as well further down the card.

Daniel Bryan Wrestlemania 31

There’s no easy way of saying this but sometimes, a wrestler just doesn’t have what it takes to be a consistent main eventer. Some guys just aren’t popular enough with the crowd or believable as the top dog. Other times, management sours on a certain performer, making it difficult for them to conquer the mountain once more.

On the other hand, we have superstars that have exceeded all expectations with their main event runs and are mixed once more into the midcard to boost a fledgling division.

It takes one hell of a superstar to lace up their boots and walk to the ring knowing they aren’t the star attraction. But what makes the guys on this list so special is how they managed to steal the show regardless of their spot on the card.

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