7 Major Mistakes WWE Has Made With Brock Lesnar

6. Unimaginative Opponents


You would think someone who has held a title for well over a year would have faced a wide range of opponents, but in Brock Lesnar’s case, you would be dead wrong.

Here is the full list of opponents for Brock since defeating Goldberg at WrestleMania 33: Samoa Joe (twice), Braun Strowman (three times), Kane (once), and Roman Reigns (three times). That’s four different men. During his two-plus-month reign with the Intercontinental Championship, Seth Rollins defended against eight different opponents.

We get it: It costs money for Lesnar to show up and wrestle, so you want to maximize those instances and have him fight top-level competitors. But you’re telling us that WWE couldn’t think of anyone other than these four opponents for the Beast to face since April 2017?

Surely the eight bajillion writers could have come up with something unique for at least one title defense?

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