7 Major Questions Surrounding Roman Reigns’ WWE Suspension

When it Reigns, it pours.


What a week for Roman Reigns.

Sunday evening, he lost the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to his former partner Seth Rollins. Then on Raw the following night, he earned himself the chance to win back that title in a Triple Threat match at next month’s Battleground pay-per-view.

But all the drama of those on-screen storylines is paled in comparison to the latest development behind the scenes. On Tuesday evening, WWE announced that Reigns had violated the company’s talent wellness policy and would therefore be facing a 30-day suspension. Just let that sink in for a minute.

Other than an apology from Reigns himself, the official statement from WWE offered very little else on the matter. As such we find ourselves with a whole host of questions about what exactly this means for the future.

And though wild speculation is all we have at the moment, that just so happens to be the forte of wrestling fans. This article looks to shed some light on the situation and answer some of these lingering questions, as we take a closer look at the ramifications of Roman Reigns’ suspension.

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