7 Mistakes WWE Made With The 2019 Superstar Shake-Up

These people can't quite seem to make up their minds.


The Superstar Shake-up is the one opportunity WWE has every year to significantly alter the landscapes of Raw and SmackDown Live, and offer fans fresh feuds and exciting new storylines. By WrestleMania season, it isn't uncommon for us to have to sit through the same stagnant matches we've been watching for months, so in many ways, the Shake-up each April is welcomed.

Unfortunately, the format of the pseudo-draft gets worse and worse by the year. That trend continued with the 2019 installment with many moves either not making sense, not being explained, or both. Even a week out from the Shake-up, most fans are left with more questions than answers regarding where certain Superstars are headed (or not headed in some cases).

These questionable calls leave the masses to wonder why the company bothers to hold a Shake-up to begin with if they aren't going to put any effort into making the Brand Split matter. It's evident that the end of the Brand Extension is nigh, but all of the mistakes made with the 2019 Shake-up might have simply sped up the process.

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