7 More Names Advertised For WWE RAW 25th Anniversary Show

6. The Godfather


It's a strange choice, this, given the Godfather's anachronistically "mature" gimmick - but no less strange than inducting the man in the Hall of Fame. It's hard to gauge where he factors in, accordingly - but it would be peak WWE to have him flanked by the entire RAW Women's Division just six days ahead of the progressive first-ever all-female Royal Rumble match.

In reality, the company will likely couch his unutterable schtick, in nudge nudge wink wink style, in order to encourage the crowd to utter it instead - or, perhaps, Enzo Amore will quickly correct his catchphrase with an interjected "Zo Train" reference.

Either way, WWE will broadcast the word "ho" on family-friendly TV without "purposefully" broadcasting it.


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