7 Most Insane Things Happening In Wrestling Right Now (Oct 6)

7. Stand Up To Cancer (By Burying Those Who Suffered From It)


We're not saying WWE's Public Relations initiatives are a transparent exercise designed to falsely position the company as something other than a toxic slave racket. Stephanie McMahon already did that by notoriously tweeting "Philanthropy is future of marketing" back in March of 2015. We were witness to the very worst of this bullsh*t on this week's RAW, on which the company promoted Dana 'widow-of-Ultimate' Warrior as a spokesperson in the fight against breast cancer.

So careful was WWE to treat this issue with the requisite sensitivity that Women's division storylines were dropped for the segment - at the end of which the warring women put their relatively minor squabbles aside, and embraced. The breast cancer survivors then shook the ropes in homage to the Ultimate Warrior - a man who had the following to say in relation to the recently-deceased Bobby Heenan, who died last month of complications resulting from a decades-long battle with throat cancer:

You are dying, diseased on the inside, and no more time is left to get back any of the integrity that matters the most on death’s bed. Imagine what it will be like, lying there taking in your last breaths, knowing you whored yourself out your whole life, and had to, in your final years, be faced with emptying your own personal sh*t bag affirming to you the true value of what you achieved in your life. Not even Vince could come up with a better finish than this.

For Christ's sake. WWE has desecrated Heenan's legacy to put the Warrior's family over because he's more marketable. And that, sadly, is what it all comes down to.


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