7 Most Insane Things Happening In Wrestling Right Now (Oct 6)

Is Sister Abigail about to wake up?


The Jinder Mahal mega-push has not only yielded the sum total of zero good matches and a spate of ugly racism over the last month of sparsely-attended SmackDown shows - it doesn't make sense.

Those in the western world already know this. Mahal is a jobber masquerading as WWE Heavyweight champion, with a repertoire and match structure as dated as his foreign menace gimmick. This is all so obviously an inroad into the Indian market...at the border of which is a blockade as big as his veiny trapezius freak muscles. WWE pay-per-views are broadcast on free TV in India. The rights fees were successfully negotiated well before Backlash. Even if WWE had any immediate plans to make them Network-exclusive, there is no point. Streaming services are as much a part of the Indian culture as logical gun control is to America's. See Jinder - that's how you get rednecks to chant "USA! USA! USA!"

WWE finally made some sense of the experiment a few days ago when it announced the obvious: a December tour of India. Only, for the love of God ("USA! USA! USA!"), they didn't bother putting him on the promotional poster (at first, anyway; Triple H hastily deleted the embedded image). This confirmed, once more, that Mahal exists for an audience of one.

Sadly, it wasn't the last oversight WWE committed this week...


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