7 Potential Feuds For The Fiend After WWE SummerSlam 2019

After SummerSlam, who will The Fiend ask to 'let him in' next?


Ever since the Firefly Fun House first debuted back in April, it has taken the wrestling world by storm, transforming Wyatt from a disappointing “what could have been” to a brand new, reinvented and massively over talent. He quite literally took a chainsaw to his old character, and decapitated it. From the looks of his SummerSlam entrance, he now carries it as a lantern to light his path to the ring. Now that is some great symbolic storytelling right there.

This reimagining of Bray has lead to some excellent angles and very well written character work so far. The Fiend made his in ring debut at SummerSlam and it was (sort of) exactly the squash match we imagined.

Finn will be leaving our screens for a while after this, and probably should've suffered a more hellacious beat-down. But we get what we get, and the entrance alone made for a great debut. Nevertheless the question becomes after this logical first step: how will WWE book him from here?

Remember that WWE’s booking is what killed Bray Wyatt and his family off the first time. Either that or creative trying to force him to crossdress. Either way, the result is the same. This character needs some worthy opponents, and he needs to crush them all with in his gloved hand aptly labelled “hurt”. But who does he hurt along the way? And more importantly, who will let him in?


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