7 Potential Teams For WWE's Cruiserweight Tag Division

Who will lead 205 Live's new division?


According to recent reports, WWE is set to introduce an additional title to its ranks following WrestleMania - specifically, a Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship belt, to be contested by the cast of 205 Live.

Should this prove accurate, it's bound to raise one or two eyebrows. The company already divides what few tag teams it has between three divisions on Raw, SmackDown and NXT; bringing in a fourth, therefore, seems instinctively like the kind of move that may dilute the quality even further.

On the other hand, that Drake Maverick's show is haemorrhaging both viewers online and live attendees is an open secret. If WWE's aim here is to get fans invested in the overall product, beyond merely the two wrestlers who make it to pay-per-view each month, then there are worse things they could try.

An obvious problem remains, though: at the moment, there simply aren't enough recognised teams on 205 Live to make a tag division worth watching. To remedy this, officials will need to step up their indie recruitment drive, start throwing teams together from the existing roster, and perhaps even draft in some of the main brand teams.