7 Reasons John Cena Doesn’t Belong On Team SmackDown Live

Shane's Survivor Series announcement makes no sense, even by WWE standards.


Announcing a special guest referee, ring announcer, timekeeper, enforcer, or a secret final team member for a big match should be exciting and surprising. The Undertaker, for example, made his debut as Ted Dibiase's mystery partner at the 1990 Survivor Series. It was shocking, it was amazing, and it was different. It was also glorious, but that may be gimmick infringement.

Announcing John Cena as a special guest... anything, just doesn't have the wow power that it once did. It's not that Cena isn't a big star, because he is. It's more that he is used so often, in so many cases, that it just doesn't have a lot of meaning anymore, nor does it generate the kind of excitement that WWE hopes for in many of its fans.

When Shane McMahon tweeted on 8 November that Cena would be joining Team SmackDown, a lot of people were disappointed for a lot of different reasons. The fact is that John Cena just doesn't belong on Team SmackDown Live.

7. A Double Whammy Of Boos


There are two people in WWE that are being pushed to the moon and beyond by the WWE, while fans reject the notion with a chorus of boos.

When Shane McMahon confirmed Cena’s return via the only legitimate political platform, Twitter, the general thought was that the second in the duo of boo magnets, Roman Reigns, would still be on the shelf and would remain out of the event. As it stands now, should things work out as expected, Reigns will also make his return to action at Survivor Series in a 6-man-tag between The Shield and The New Day.

Is the WWE ready for the boo-fest that they have potentially unleashed? What does it mean if one gets booed and the other cheered? These are all questions to ask after this Sunday’s event. The question to ask now is why WWE would put themselves in that position.

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