7 Reasons Why WWE Hell In A Cell 2017 Floundered

If you've gone through all the trouble of constructing the Cell, you should use the thing!


It looked like the roster of SmackDown Live were fighting an uphill battle at Hell In A Cell. Many fans weren't exactly hyped for the event, and who could blame them? The outcome of the WWE Championship match was obvious, a man who isn't even a professional wrestler was competing in the main event, and for a PPV named Hell In A Cell, there were very few matches that were actually contested in the confines of the Devil's Playground.

And yet, the show was better than expected. The tag match between the Usos and The New Day was as good as a Cell match could possibly be, Tye Dillinger finally escaped the dreaded preshow spot, and Sami Zayn aiding Kevin Owens to victory over Shane McMahon has the potential to send huge shockwaves throughout the land of Smackdown Live.

But just because Hell In A Cell was satisfying enough to watch, that doesn't mean the WWE didn't make some very bad choices last night. Careers have been tarnished through bad booking, titles were made to feel redundant, and the Cell spent more time in the rafters than it did around the ring.


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