7 Reasons You Should Watch NJPW Dominion This Weekend

Show of the year? Hopefully.


It's summertime, which means wrestling's about to get crazy. From supercards to tournaments to even more supercards, almost every promotion is gonna be pulling out the big guns, such as WWE with their Money in the Bank and SummerSlam supershows. However, no company is gonna be as busy as New Japan Pro Wrestling. Every summer is when they hold the G1 Climax tournament, which usually yields multiple MOTY candidates, but before that, they'll once again be holding a show in America at the Cow Palace.

But before that is Dominion. Held every June, Dominion signals the start of the second half of the New Japan calendar year, as it's around six months following their Wrestle Kingdom show, and takes place just before the G1 tournament. It's a card that's usually stacked with important title matches and is always held in Osaka, which features some of New Japan's most wild and unpredictable crowds (think of it like Chicago or anywhere in Canada for WWE).

This year's Dominion seeks to top them all, though. From huge rematches to New Japan debuts to Chris Jericho, Dominion 2018 aims to dominate the wrestling conversation - and here's why you should be in on it.


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