7 Rookies WWE Hopes Can Evoke Former Stars

7. Jack Gallagher (William Regal)


Shots of a stern William Regal staring disapprovingly at Pete Dunne have invited comparisons between NXT's head-honcho and the man who currently holds its largely-forgotten UK Title belt.

But although Regal showed flashes of teeth-grinding intensity towards the latter part of his WWE run, it is comedy - and, specifically, those side-splitting segments as a put-upon commissioner, alongside the likes of Tajiri, Stone Cold, and Vince McMahon - for which he will be most fondly remembered.

Cruiserweight favourite Jack Gallagher, whose British "Gentleman" gimmick closely resembles the one that Regal wore during the Attitude Era's hey-day, perhaps therefore makes for a more appropriate comparison. And while he hasn't been made to kiss anyone's buttocks (yet), the whole flying umbrella thing lands at least as often as it misses.