7 Surprises We Could See At WWE Survivor Series 2017

Anything can happen in the WWE again, so what's going to surprise us at Survivor Series?


No one can say that the buildup to this year’s Survivor Series has been smooth. Entertaining, yes. Smooth, no. The card has shifted around so many times, and in so many places, that it feels as though a major change is about to happen in WWE. Suddenly, fans are experiencing a little bit of the unpredictability that made the Attitude Era into must watch television for so many people, and it’s truly a wonderful thing.

While this is starting to feel a lot like the Wild West again, and anything (or nothing) could happen come Survivor Series, there are a number of theories and threads that can be pieced together which hint at some possible WWE surprises. Read on to see what could be lurking in wait this Sunday.

7. Shane McMahon Could Be Replaced

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With Tuesday night’s SmackDown ending in the vicious beating of Shane McMahon at the hands of the Raw roster, WWE now has the option to remove him and replace him with someone else. While this seems unlikely, the last few weeks have been so chaotic that almost anything could happen at the show.

The tip off that WWE might have something up its sleeve is that Shane McMahon’s performer’s contract stipulated a two-match commitment. That commitment was fulfilled between his Wrestlemania 33 match against AJ Styles, and his Hell in a Cell match against Kevin Owens at the pay-per-view of the same name. While it would be easy enough to add a match to his contract, this could be an indication that something strange will happen this Sunday.

At this point, this seems like the unlikeliest option on this list. Since the SmackDown beatdown, both Shane and Stephanie have tweeted as though there is no lingering injury, and that things are going forward as planned.

Chances: Slim.


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