7 Things We Learned From WWE Chronicle: Roman Reigns

What type of leukaemia did Roman battle - and how does he feel to be back?

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Yet another of WWE's soft-focus filmed, only faintly-fictional fly-on-the-wall documentaries Chronicle dropped after this past week's episode of Monday Night Raw, and after a few recent stumbles with the generally superb series, the latest feature set it right back on course.

It goes without saying that the intrigue of the documentaries directly correlates with the interest of the subject. Dean Ambrose trying to justify his recent pretend heel turn across thirty minutes of dirt biking in the desert doesn't exactly make for the most compelling viewing. Likewise, Becky Lynch looking out across a pier and pondering her future prospects whilst on the shelf didn't get the heart racing.

With Roman Reigns' Chronicle - which take places across just three days in February - WWE have a story filled with more implicit emotion than anything their army of writers could ever dream up. As he prepares to return to action following his second battle with leukaemia, Roman reflects on the devastating days following his diagnosis, and recounts his mental journey leading to his miracle remission.

And once again, he confirms he really is the hero WWE always told us he is.

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Editorial Team

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