7 Things We Learned From WWE’s 2017 Record Report

Maybe Vince should come out to 'Here Comes The Money' instead?

Vince McMahon Alpha Entertainment

Vince McMahon is one happy, happy dude in 2018. Look at him up there, launching his new Alpha Entertainment brand with a smile and never once thinking, "hey, what if this XFL falls flat like the last one did?"

WWE come in for some heavy criticism at times, and that's warranted when they don't give fans what they want. We're all guilty of occasionally thinking we could do a better job (this writer alone has written hundreds of articles claiming to set the wrestling world right), but the fact is McMahon's operation made millions yet again in 2017.

This became apparent this week, as the promotion released their financial report card for last year and set out some core objectives for 2018. The 20-page document was a fascinating read for anyone interested in the ins and outs of WWE business.

Everything from Network subscriptions to how much money WWE made from DVD sales was featured in the report. Study it long enough and you'll see there's much to learn, not only from WWE's balance sheets, but also from the supreme confidence they have in their own business model...


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