7 Things You Only Learn From Attending WWE Live

We're "sold out" to the rafters...

Ronda Rousey WWE Live

WWE's Q3 performance report makes for fascinating reading.

According to the document, the company has earned $109.8 million from live events alone (up until 30 September) in 2018. Tack another three months worth of house shows and tickets to TV on top of that and the number will be even bigger by the end of the year.

In an era when media (which reaped a massive $478.1 million) projects like the WWE Network are more important than ever, WWE still benefit from going out on the road and putting on shows. Live event business, contrary to what some critics might spout, remains very profitable.

Is everything rosy in the garden? Not quite. Anyone who attends a WWE live event, episode of Raw and SmackDown or pay-per-view can attest to that. The experience of buying a ticket and sitting in the stands is, if you listen to WWE hype, the best way to live their product, but is that strictly true?

It's certainly sometimes the case. When physically seeing WWE live, as opposed to on TV or via your laptop screen, you learn a great deal about the product, how it works and why, to a strictly TV audience, it might be jarring...

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