7 Times It Sucked To Be Rey Mysterio



Rey Mysterio was a fan favourite in WWE from the first moment he stepped through the curtain - something still apparent as he made his surprise entrance in the 2018 Royal Rumble at #27 to a monstrous ovation three years after his noisy departure.

‘The Master of the 619’ was the ultimate underdog in WWE due to his stature, but he made up for it with determination and in-ring proficiency. During most of his tenure, rivals were twice the size of him, if not larger. Since so many giants held onto major titles, it was although he didn’t have a shot of ever claiming the big prize. When he finally reached the top of the mountain, cheering fans shot to their feet, as they watched their hero’s journey through each arduous step.

Even though holding onto a title became as difficult for Rey as achieving the #1 Contender spot, he was always remembered best for his triumphs as a loveable, high-velocity performer. But for all the heart-warming moments of success, Mysterio has seen some disastrous failures even worse than being banished to the midcard with Sin Cara.

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