7 TNA Gimmicks WWE Should Steal

7. Roxxi Laveaux's Hardcore Knockout

Roxxi TNA

Obviously, WWE wouldn't use a term like 'Knockout' these days. The industry has (thankfully) moved on from words like that or 'Diva' which focus on sex appeal over wrestling skill. In that respect then, Roxxi Laveaux was a breath of fresh air when she debuted her hardcore female character in 2008.

After an interesting stint as 'The Voodoo Queen', Roxxi became just another blonde women's wrestler. It wasn't until she shaved her head and started working weapons-based brawls that Laveaux started to garner some attention for herself.

There was a reason for that.

Roxxi stood out because she looked and worked differently to every other woman on the roster. TNA dropped the ball with her big time, but WWE might have more success with someone like Ruby Riott or Becky Lynch. Though both could keep the hair, they'd benefit from a character change into something more aggressive.

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